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the process

step 1


Our second meeting is where we will unveil your preliminary drawings. These drawings will include floor plans, elevation & a plot plan. The floor plan will include: room labels, room sizes, window locations, door locations, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, & square footage totals.  We will also show you a 3d model your new design! We can look at any view of the house, inside & out. This is very helpful in seeing your design & how it all fits together. We can even create walk-thrus, 360 degree panoramic views or give you access to the model you can view at home, on your computer or tablet. You can see examples of our 3d designs under "3d..." tabs.

All these plans are yours to take home, consume, digest & critique them. You may even want to show them to your builder to get some preliminary bids. Once you have studied them, we will sit down & discuss any changes you would like to make. We can make any revisions you want, big or small & as many times as needed. We promise we will get the plans exactly the way you want, regardless of how many revisions it takes.

This is the first & most important step in the entire design process. This is where we get to know you, the client. Who you are, your lifestyle, your dreams & what your visions for your new house are. Our job is to understand these visions are in order to begin the creative design process. The more information you have, the easier we can ascertain your desires. Pictures, photos, websites, drawings, sketches or any other information you have gathered will be helpful. Don't feel the pressure of having to catalog each & every detail for this meeting. Some of our clients have piles of photos & sketches, others have absolutely nothing, & that is just fine. Some of the best designs have come from a sketch on a napkin. Here is a list of some other important information you will need to have in mind for our initial meeting:

  • square footage​

  • how many stories

  • how many bedrooms

  • how many bathrooms

  • are you building a swimming pool

  • do you want a formal dining 

  • how many garages

  • where will the garage be 

  • budget

We will also need a survey of your property with lengths & bearings to design your home to fit your lot. In addition, you will need to provide any setback information (sides, front & rear), HOA requirements or architectural guidlines (if applicable). If you already have a builder or interior designer, they are more than welcome to sit in on this meeting. 

step 2

preliminary design

step 3

final drawings

Once the preliminary design is exactly right, we will finish the plans out to a complete set of construction drawings. We typically print you out one "final" set of these drawings & have you look at them one last time. The final drawings will have every detail your builder will need to build you home. You can see examples of a final set under "construction set". They include:

  • all floor plans

  • door & window schedules

  • detail sheet

  • electrical plans

  • all exterior elevations

  • roof plan

  • site plan

  • cabinet schematics*

  • wall sections*

  • 3d renderings*

  • floor framing plan*

  • ceiling framing plan*

  • roof framing plan*

Any minor redlines can be to the plan. Look over the plan with attention to the details. Think about where you want certain light fixtures, hose bibs, floor  outlets, exterior lighting, ceiling fans, floor coverings, ceiling treatments, exterior materials, gas drops, address information, etc. If you would like to tweak any of these or any other details, you can, After any final changes have been made, we will print out a 10 sets of plans. We will also provide you with .pdf files of you final plan that can be emailed or used to make additional prints.

*not included in a "standard" set. Can be purchased as a group or a la cart.

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